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Mass detection kit

Health independently developed a series of characteristic clinical mass spectrometry screening products to provide you with reliable services.

We have a team of high-quality, international professional R&D talents mainly composed of returned oversea experts. We have gathered well-known experts and academic leaders at home and abroad. At present, we have established medical laboratories in Beijing, Nanchong, Sichuan and Taizhou, Jiangsu. We can provide customers with high-quality inspection and testing capabilities and huge inspection data base.
Scientific research cooperation on mass spectrometry technology
We have dozens of high-precision chromatography and mass spectrometry detection equipment, with strong analytical capabilities and a wide range of analysis. We mainly carry out therapeutic drug monitoring, steroid hormone detection, micronutrient detection, metabolic disease detection and other projects, and our products are served for scientific research, Health checkup, clinical diagnosis, drug clinical trial, etc.
About Health

Health Biotech is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on mass spectrometry precision medicine. It is committed to providing overall solutions in the field of mass spectrometry detection, including kit products, Independent Clinical Laboratories, and scientific research cooperation, etc.


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