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Analysis and Scientific Research services od Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)


Clinical medication is prudent and diversified, and Health Biotech’s mass spectrometry can solve it immediately

Complete the determination of all compounds 3-5 minutes after injection!

Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM): combination medication, simultaneous monitoring with one injection

Strong specificity: distinguish and quantify the original drug and its metabolites

High sensitivity: mainstream mass spectrometry can reach ng/ml, and some instruments can reach pg/ml


Precise medication, starting from TDM

Improve the effective rate of drug treatment and shorten the time to reach the therapeutic concentration;

Reduce adverse drug reactions and avoid toxic reactions caused by excessive concentrations;

Diagnosis and treatment of drug poisoning;

Patient medication compliance assessment;

Reduce medical expenses;

Provide a legal basis for medical disputes.

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is a clinical discipline of pharmacy that studies the mechanisms, technologies, methods, and clinical standards of individualized drug treatment, and transforms the research results into clinical treatment to maximize rational drug use. By measuring the drug exposure, pharmacological markers or pharmacodynamic indicators in the patient, using quantitative pharmacological models and taking the drug treatment window as the benchmark, formulate an individualized dosing plan suitable for the patient. The core is individualized drug therapy.

The clinical significance of TDM is that it can optimize drug treatment plans, improve drug efficacy, reduce toxic side effects, and maximize drug treatment costs through rational use of drugs.